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The National Society of Leadership and Success at College of the Redwoods

Students in the honors program benefit from unique opportunities as members of the National Society of Leadership and Success. NSLS is the nation’s largest leadership honors society and collegiate leadership development program, and the only program of its kind to have earned accreditation. College of the Redwoods recently joined a long list of sister institutions with NSLS chapters, including Cal Poly Humboldt, Chico State, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis, among others.  

CR’s NSLS chapter operates asynchronously online, as well as hosting in-person events on and off campus. Students work toward leadership and empowerment goals by attending workshops to learn communication, leadership, and team-building skills. They connect with each other to share support, motivation, ideas, and information. NSLS membership offers benefits such as: 

  • Scholarships & Awards: NSLS members have access to over a quarter-million dollars in exclusive scholarships and awards. 
  • Job Bank: Members can apply to jobs/internships and have access to employers seeking to hire NSLS members. 
  • Professional Communication Training: A professionally administered communication assessment tool (DISC) helps to identify communication style, recognize and appreciate other styles, and prepares how to interact effectively with others. 
  • Partner Discounts & Benefits: Discounts on many retail goods and services. 
  • Custom Recommendations: Members receive personalized letters for graduate admissions officers and employers. 
  • Nationwide Network: Members will join over a million members at over 650 colleges in a network of support and motivation. 
There is a membership fee associated with student memberships, but a number of scholarships are available for students in need, funded by NSLS and the CR. For more information, please contact Abigail Queen at

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